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Did You Ever Wonder If There Are Ways on How to Get Rid of Your Back Pain During Shower?

Did You Ever Dream of Taking a Shower Without Bending in Cleaning Your Feet?

The Answer is a Resounding YES!!!

YES, There is Shower Foot Scrubber That Will Help You Get Rid of Your Back Pain During Shower!

This New Shower Foot Scrubber is designed to solve your back pain during shower!

That’s right you’ll no longer struggle in cleaning up your feet.

Taking a Shower will be a breeze!

Say “Goodbye” To Your Back Pain During Shower!

No more bending!

If you’re like me who likes to keep your feet fresh and clean but has very limited movement due to back pain, then you must also be struggling in cleaning your feet.

You’re probably hurting your back just to get those toes clean!

Lucky for us, New Shower Foot Scrubber just hit the market today and it will help solve our back pain problems during shower.

All New Amazing Shower Foot Scrubber

This easy-to-use shower foot scrubber means no more bending or balancing to clean your feet!

Now, you can say goodbye to back pain when bending forward, especially during shower.

Scrub your feet from heel to toe, cleaning the top, bottom, and in between toes with an easy back-and-forth motion.

foot scrubber

This shower foot scrubber features bristles on both the top and bottom, along with a pumice stone on the heel for smooth and soft feet.

foot scrubber review

Plus, suction cups on the bottom help secure it to the shower floor!

This foot scrubber is foot-shaped and can be placed on the floor or the tub and used to clean and massage your feet.

With this Shower Foot Scrubber, you can easily clean your feet without stretching or bending. It has soft bristles that provide you with a fantastic foot massage.

Shower Foot Scrubber

Anyone who has back problems should go for this Shower Foot Scrubber. It is good for men, women, athletes, adults, or people of old age.

Bonus Item

BONUS: If you purchase the Empiko Shower Foot Scrubber, you can get a FREE eBook, entitled: Back Pain Relief E-Book: A Guide To Understanding Your Back Pain & How To Get Relief!

Why Do We Clean Our Feet?

Also known as feet cleaners, Shower Foot Scrubbers can help ensure that your feet stay as healthy as possible.

They help in exfoliation and the removal of dry and dead organic matter from the soles of your feet.

Regularly scrubbing your feet with our foot scrubber will also help soften the skin and leave you with a smooth texture.

Your skin tone will also improve and become more even.

Unkempt foot soles typically change color; they may appear darker or turn a shade of gray due to the excessive deposition of dead cell matter.

Amazing Shower Foot Scrubber can also help remove calluses and tough skin from the soles of your feet.

People have tried and loved this New Foot Scrubber Design!

Foot Scrubber Review Damian

 “I have major back problems, I can’t wash my legs past my knees or feet at all, this thing with its new design is a life changer, I’m finally able to fully clean myself, so far it has held up great and I use it daily, the suction cups are an amazing addition, so I don’t have to worry about slipping.”
– Damian

foot scrubber review Shurdy

 “I am living the Golden Years and cannot bend over as easily as I used to. This foot scrubber is great in the shower!”

foot scrubber review Sala

“Love the heel pumice stone! I LOVE this foot scrubber! I have a back issue and I just squirt my liquid shower soap onto the foot scrubber and it cleans the tops and bottoms of my feet…even between my toes. The pumice stone heel plate works great as well. The suction cups hold it in place very well. Don’t forget to clean it! The suction cups release easily for this. I have purchased several for my elderly siblings! Lol!! Don’t hesitate! A great buy!”

foot scrubber review Emilou

 “Me and my husband have this scrubber, we both have difficulty bending down so this new design is ideal.”

foot scrubber review Kristina

 “Got this for my mom because it is hard for her to reach down and scrub her feet. She loves it! Bristles are not too hard, but not too soft either. Definitely recommend for older or larger people who have a hard time reaching.”

foot scrubber review Therese

“Brushes are long enough to fit between your toes, but I wish the suction cups kept the unit on the tub floor better. When I push down to use the pumice stone for the heel, the scrubber slips on the tub floor.” – Therese


“Works great. I bought this to help me scrub my feet, because I have trouble with my balance. It works perfectly for that.”

Bonus Item

BONUS: If you purchase the Empiko Shower Foot Scrubber, you can get a FREE eBook, entitled: Back Pain Relief E-Book: A Guide To Understanding Your Back Pain & How To Get Relief!

Get rid of Back Pain Today

Do it in your home, without relying on drugs or surgery!

back pain relieved