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Top 5 Mobility Products To Help You Get Things Done Easier Faster.

Discover our Top 5 List of Amazing Mobility products

Shower Foot Scrubber

Shower Foot Scrubber

This New Shower Foot Scrubber is designed to solve your back pain during showers! That’s right you’ll no longer struggle in cleaning up your feet. Taking a Shower will be a breeze!

Ultimate Device To Help Put Socks On

This product helps hold the sock open and allows the foot to push into the sock. This is perfect and suitable for people who have difficulties bending over.

Back and Body Scrubber Shower Brush

Bath Brush Long Handle Scrub Skin, Massage Shower, and Rubbing Brush For Back Exfoliation. Brushes Body For Bathroom Accessories.

Foldable Extender Grabber Tools

Features lightweight aluminum and plastic construction for the sleek profile that reaches into tight spaces. The articulation head turns 90 degrees; its versatility can pick up objects high or low without bending or straining.

Toilet Aid with Extended Handle

This toilet aid is designed to help people who have difficulty bending, turning, and arm or back strength problems. It is mainly used for people with abnormal arm strength or back diseases. This product is very useful for ensuring independent toilet movement.